Fish Fry


Commander’s Message:

As winter is still hanging around, spring is just around corner. Roberts Post is gearing up for a busy March and April.

I hope all will take advantage of activities coming soon and enjoy our up-coming events. Lenten Fish Fry Dinners will be starting March 7th and end April 18th. Help is always needed on Friday for prep work and to set up, so a helping hand for a couple hours is always welcome. Our youth organizations will be working some of the fish fry dinners, so let’s support them as well as the Legion.

Again many thanks go out to all the people who helped and donated their time in making the Benefit for Scott D. Winkler a great success. Gary & Sue Wedgewood can’t thank you enough for the money that was raised and to all the Legion Posts in our county. This wouldn’t have been a success without the effect of our Unit Auxiliary. Thank you ladies!

As you know the Nominating Committee will be submitting a slate of officers for the coming year, anyone interested contact me or Bob Leahy at the Post.

On March 15th, Saturday, the Post will be having its upcoming Legion Birthday Observance. A signup sheet will be in the bar area for those attending. Bring a dish to pass around, as we celebrate our 95th birthday. A guest speaker will be attending as well as speakers for Boy’s & Girl’s State. So, come and enjoy good food and support our children and youth programs.

Just a reminder, check out our boxes in the bar area donations and supplies for the V. A. Clinic, Andy’s Platoon and Easter Raffle.

Remember to report deceased members of your Post or those who are ill at home or in the hospital to our chaplain, let’s not forget what they did for us as Legionnaires and their country.

As always, keep our servicemen and women in your thoughts and prayers that they return home safely to a grateful nation.

Veterans Serving Veterans,

Richard Roberts, Commander

Ladies Auxiliary:

Ladies of Unit 161,

Hope your Jan. and Feb. went well. It has been quite a winter and is eagerly looking forward to spring. I hope your Christmas and New Years were wonderful. At Christmas, we were able to help a veteran’s family with a dinner and some presents. We also gave Jack Boak, a 50 year member, a very nice Christmas gift. We made food baskets and bought poinsettias to help brighten the holidays for some of our members and community members. Bev Seifried delivered handmade hats and mittens to our two elementary schools in the H.P. school district. A special thank you to Rosellen R. Nieman for all the hard work and time spent on making a lot of these items.

I wanted to go to Mid-Winter conference, because I really need to learn more so I can be a better president for all of you. But circumstances beyond my control happened and I had to stay home. Maybe next time, because I am determined to do a good job for all of you!

On Feb. 1, we hosted the Oneida Co. Junior Auxiliary Valentine card making day. The cards were made for Veterans in Oneida Co. nursing homes. We had a wonderful turnout and want to thank everyone who came, especially the Girl Scouts. You all are amazing. Because of the enthusiasm of these young people involved in this project, we had about two hundred more cards than we needed. So we were able to include some of our active military personnel as recipients of some of these cards.

March and April will be busy for us. Fish Fries start March 7 and end April 18. As always, you might get asked to donate something for the salad bar or asked to work. If you can help in that way, it would be greatly appreciated.

On March 1, we will be setting up a water station in front of Stewart’s for the Heart Run and Walk runners who start in Barneveld.

The legion birthday will be March 15, with cocktail hour 6:00 to 7:00 and a covered dish dinner after. There will be a speaker and what he has to say should be very interesting. Hope many of you will be able to come.

The Auxiliary is having an Easter basket raffle as a fundraiser during the fish fries. If you could donate a non-perishable food item for the basket, that would help us out a great deal. We will also be holding the quilt raffle until Memorial Day for our Sue Wedgewood’s son Scott. If you are interested in helping sell the raffle tickets at the fish fries, please get in touch with me.

On April 5, we will be having a vendor and craft show at the legion as another fundraiser. It will be our first one and we hope it goes well. There will also be light lunch foods for sale. There are so many programs out there for our active military, our veterans, and women and children. That is why we are working so hard on fundraising. People need us!

Good wishes to Mary Briggs that the surgery she had on her hand will correct the problems she was having. Good wishes to our former president Brenda Carnright on a speedy recovery from her surgery. Bev Seifried gave us a little scare, but she is doing very well now. Bev Stark is doing well and making lap robes for our veterans at the Sitrin Rehab Center. If anyone would like to send Jean Cady or Jane Drury a card, let me know and I will get their addresses to you.

I am happy to report that our Bobbie Owen is going for 5th District President. Way to go Bobbie, we are behind you 100%.

Have a safe and happy spring.

Yours in service,

Debbie Roberts, President

Sons of the American Legion

I hope everyone doesn’t like this cold spell. We had three members at our last meeting. We bought the Legion a 60” TV for the dining room. Seafood dinners start March 7th. All help is welcome; mornings 8:30AM and nights 3:30-4:00 till closing. We currently have 34 paid members.

Yours in Service,

Bob Stanger, SAL Commander

Debbie Roberts, President

Fair pay and benefits needed to maintain quality volunteer force

WASHINGTON (Feb. 25) – The leader of 2.4 million member American Legion says a Pentagon budget proposal unveiled Monday by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel endangers America’s national security and that downsizing force structure and benefits will lead to an exodus of quality men and women from the Armed Forces.

“Secretary Hagel warned about a ‘hollowed force,’ and The American Legion is concerned that this budget is leading us rapidly in that direction,” National Commander Daniel Dellinger said. “Cutting forces to pre-World War II levels makes no sense in a world where countries such as North Korea, Iran and Pakistan could become viable nuclear threats to our very existence.  Moreover, we do not know the exact nature of future wars and conflicts. The American Legion believes that we must be prepared for any scenario.”

Dellinger called it “unconscionable” that the Pentagon is proposing that members of the military pay for part of their housing allowances out of their own pockets. “Whether it’s cutting commissary subsidies or increasing TRI-CARE deductibles and co-pays, these benefits are well deserved and available to anyone willing to serve.  Military life is much more challenging than private sector careers. The American Legion will continue to call for an end to sequestration and insufficient defense budgets.  Providing for the common defense of our nation is a responsibility required by the U.S. Constitution.”

American Legion officials said that although the organization strenuously opposes the current budget proposal, they appreciate the transparency shown by the secretary of defense and look forward to future discussions.



Commander says Legion won’t rest until all planned cuts to

military retiree benefits are off the table.

(WASHINGTON, Feb. 12, 2014) — American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger says he has mixed feelings about a vote by the U.S. House of Representatives that partially restores planned cuts in cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) on pensions for military retirees.  By a vote of 326-90 on Feb. 11, the House approved an amended measure that would restore full annual COLAs for most working age military retirees.  However, it continues to apply a controversial COLA cut to future pensioners who first enter the military beginning this year.

“What the House did is commendable on one hand and rectifies an unfortunate earlier move to restore full COLAs only to veterans with disabilities,” Dellinger said.   “However, this action still falls short of reversing the COLA cut for all eligible military retirees, current and future.  Again, as in targeting the Department of Defense for sequestration, this legislation places the responsibility for correcting a financial catastrophe – that is, the unruly national debt – almost solely on our servicemembers.  While we applaud the House for taking another step forward, we will continue to push toward a full repeal of military pensioners’ COLA cuts.”

The bill in question, S. 25, is not law and may never be.  The House and the Senate are expected to study the measure in conference when the House returns from a Presidents Week break on Feb. 25.  In the meantime, the Senate is considering its own measures to repeal the COLA cuts contained in a budget and deficit reduction agreement reached by Congress last December. Since then, The American Legion has led the charge, joined by many other veteran and military service organizations, in opposing any benefit reductions for military retirees.

Contacts: Marty Callaghan:202-263-5758/202-215-8644, mcallaghan@legion.org or Craig Roberts: 202-263-2982/202-406-0887, croberts@legion.org. A high resolution photo of Nat. Cmdr. Dellinger is available at www.legion.org.

Floor vote protects measure to restore COLA benefits from filibuster

By a 94-0 vote, the U.S. Senate moved forward in passing legislation that would restore cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) benefits that were stripped from military retirees by a bill that Congress passed in December.

The vote taken on S. 1963, introduced by Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., makes the measure eligible for a floor vote in the Senate and protects it against filibusters.

The U.S. Senate took advantage of an excellent opportunity to show its support for America’s military retirees, American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger said. Lawmakers showed strong solidarity in moving forward on the bill, which would repeal military pension cuts set to be imposed over the next decade after a congressional budget compromise was struck just before the Christmas holidays.

If enacted, S. 1963, would repeal Section 403 of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013. This section reduces COLA benefits for military retirees under age 62, at a rate of 1 percent annually over a decade.

Dellinger said he understood why the Senate overwhelmingly approved Pryor’s bill. “It’s a very succinct piece of legislation that can eliminate these unfair and ill-conceived COLA cuts. Both parties created this problem, and both parties demonstrated today that they are capable of decisive, bipartisan action when it comes to honoring its promises to America’s veterans.”

The measure gives the Senate a chance to act separately on the military COLA cuts, rather than deal with them as one of many issues included in a more comprehensive bill (S.1982) introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. “While The American Legion is greatly pleased by the Senate’s actions today, we are going to hold Congress to its word on this matter,” Dellinger said. “Anything less than a full repeal is a breach of faith with our military servicemembers, retirees and their families.”


Media contacts: Washington – Marty Callaghan:202-263-5758/202-215-8644, mcallaghan@legion.org or Indianapolis – Joe March, 317-630-1254/317- 748-1926, jmarch@legion.org. A high resolution photo of Nat. Cmdr.Dellinger is available at www.legion.org.



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